Installation Guide

Our screens are made with our unique tab Tenon system whereby each screen slots into its adjoining post. Please be aware that each screen is a large item and therefore heavy. We therefore recommend that our screens be erected by two people.

Step 1

To ensure that a screen will be level it is best to clear the area where it is to be placed and place a spirit level on a length of timber across two blocks of the same thickness each end as per the illustration (1). The ground can then be levelled ready for the screen’s erection.

Step 2

Dig the first post-hole, 3 times in diameter of the post (600 x 600mm) to a depth of 600mm. Pack the bottom of the hole with clean rubble and ram solid to the depth you wish the post to sit.

Add 100mm to the height of the gap you wish beneath the screen and place a timber block of that size across the ground where you wish the screen will be. (i.e. for a gap of 50mm beneath the screen the timber block will be 150mm).

Slot the fence guide into the post’s lower slot and sit the post with its slot guide onto your timber block as per illustration (2).

Concrete the post into the hole making sure it is perfectly upright and leave to set hard.

Step 3

When the concrete is hard remove the slot guide.

Set the screen into the post slots of the upright post and support it with the timber block at the opposite end. Slot the second post over the screen slots and stabilise using a length of timber or your colleague holding the post in place as per illustration (3).

Make sure the post is perfectly upright and sitting tightly against the edge of the screen.

Step 4

Support the screen and posts with 2 lengths of timber and concrete the second post in place as per illustration (4).

After the concrete has set hard the supports of the screen can be removed.

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