Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

FAQs - FAQ's

If you have an idea, from wanting a single panel as a focal point in the garden to panels for the entire boundary, or anything in between, just call us and we will work with you to design and provide that amazing ‘Something Special’

Once we complete your panel’s design it’s fabrication and delivery usually takes 14-21 days.

Our motto is “If its painted it’s endless” Some paints are very specialised and may take a little longer to obtain but rest-assured they can be provided.

Yes of course metal sheets are made in various sizes so contact us and we will help.

Yes, Like any company the entrance to your business is paramount so we work with you to provide that perfect invitation to your visitors.

No, all our panels are ‘De-Burred’ which means they are carefully scanned and smoothed over by hand so there are no jagged edges.

All our external panels are made from 3mm up to 20mm thick so they can withstand even the most blustery and nasty weather. But then, if your panel is for hanging on a wall inside your home we can make it right down to 1.2mm thick.

It will be a pleasure. We can write your stables name also in the plate if you wish.

Yes it will be a pleasure; we hate to boast but we can even design some table mats to match if you wish. We would make them on thinner metal due to weight and we are confident that they will look superb, especially if we use Brushed Stainless Steel or Copper.

Yes we produce a double skin, the first with the cut out design and a second as a backing plate in a different finish. This looks superb if they are in contemporary colours such as the front in a dark grey or very dark red with a lighter shade as the backing plate.

Yes, no problem we work with Landscapers across the UK and it will be a pleasure working with a local company to erect your panels.

Corten steel is a strong weathering steel. The word “CorTen” is the trademark name given to weathering steel alloy originally produced by United States Steel.

This steel alloy falls into the category of those that were developed to reduce or eliminate the use of coats, primers or paints on the material to make it rustproof. When exposed to the environment, this steel forms an outer layer that protects this steel from corrosion. This is the reason why this steel is called weathering steel.

For interior use we can produce our designs in any steel including Copper and Bronze. Just give us a call and we will discuss the options.

Our lasrest metal sheets are 1500 x 3000 so we would design to a maximum of 1490 x 2990 incluind our 25mm tabs.

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