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Within our range of modern CorTen garden screens is Crane. This majestic bird is an excellent image to set as a focal point within a border or as a wall sculpture.

We make this design as with all our screens with the same lovely finish on each side so it can be seen from both. It can be erected using either the matching Cor-Ten posts or even planed timber posts that have been “Tanalised” for exterior use. Our Post information will explain.

The example shown is between the additional matching posts and it is worth remembering that Weathering Steel oxidises depending upon the atmosphere and no two places are the same. This means that this type of steel will rust quicker in some places than others so it is a never-ending beautiful changing scenario.

Our standard fitting size for each metal garden panel is 1200mm wide x 1800mm high x 3mm thick. This means they stand up to all weathers and are extremely long lasting.

Your screen and posts are packed individually and set upon a large wooden pallet to ensure it will arrive in the same high quality as it left the works. We even tape our ‘No Stack’ cones to the pallet to make sure that no other item is placed upon your items.

All in all we know that your order will arrive in perfect condition. 

All our posts are an additional option. You can select either Cor-Ten or Aluminium with your preferred colour together with the number of posts required.

If you prefer to use timber posts from your local timber merchant we recommend each post is 100mm square, planed and ‘Tanalised’ for exterior use.

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