Garden Screens & Privacy Panels

Our Decorative Exterior Screens and privacy panels are designed for that precise purpose.

Our standard garden panels provide a selection of screens, or panels, to disguise those garden areas that we would prefer to be out of sight. Our garden screens are designed to provide excellent art decoration yet disguising the less interesting things beyond. Our metal screens can be used to disguise the refuse bins, surround the compost heap, or disguise a neighbouring viewpoint. 

If you would like a screen made bespoke for your individual purpose, just click on the Bespoke Tab where we can explain the process.

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Abstract decorative garden screen

One of our Abstract decorative garden screens is Magnet. An ideal garden screen if you would like a beautiful divider to separate the garden and obtain a glimpse of what is beyond.


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Modern Cor-ten Garden Screen

Within our range of modern CorTen garden screens is Crane. This majestic bird is an excellent image to set as a focal point within a border or as a wall sculpture. We make this...


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Flower Design Metal Garden Screen

Our Flower design garden screens include Magnolia. This lovely design is cut from Cor-Ten weathering steel that has its own ability. This weathering steel is a very strong steel... 


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Flower design metal steel panel

Our flower design metal steel panel is an excellent example of our vision of garden focal panels. These flower sprigs are Bougainvillea to provide a lovely Cor-ten garden screen...


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Floral metal garden screen or panel

One of our striking floral garden design panels is Allium. This is a most lovely floral example providing a most excellent Cor-ten garden screen. Its majestic upright stems...



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Contemporary Metal Garden Screen

A handsome contemporary metal garden screen is Cosmos. Its design works perfectly as a continuous multiple screen, as it can be faced either way due to its flowing design. It enables...


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Powder Coated Metal Garden Screen

If the view is contemporary, the powder coated metal garden screen called Crane is one of the best. Its bold, its majestic, so its an excellent panel due to its wide opening so you can view beyond.


Floral Powder Coated Garden Panel

A lovely Floral Powder Coated Garden Panel is our exclusive Bougainvillea. It has bold lines and can be set as a decorative garden divider within a border or as a garden dividing panel...


Modern Contemporary Metal Garden Panel

One of our excellent Modern Contemporary Metal Garden Panels is Cosmos. This is one of our collections of modern metal garden panels that can be faced either way due to its flowing design.


Decorative Metal Garden Screen

One of our decorative metal garden screens ‘Alliums’ is a favourite plant throughout the UK and as a metal garden panel portrays just that. It is the ideal backdrop to flowing grasses...


Decorative Architectural Panel

This Decorative Architectural Panel, the Magnolia, is made in aluminium. It is the ideal metal for colouring and suits gardeners of all ages. It will sit perfectly in both modern and...


Modern decorative metal Garden Screen

The Magnet in aluminium is ideal if you would like one of our beautiful and modern metal garden panels. This is one of metal garden dividers that can separate different parts of the...


Cor-ten Metal Garden Security Panel

The Rose Cor-ten garden panel is a metal garden security panel with a subtle yet majestic design. It is made just below the 2000mm height restrictions of planning departments.


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Geometric Garden Privacy Panel

An ideal geometric garden privacy panel is in the design of Crystal. it has a geometric design along the top of the panel without impeding the solid screen beneath....


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Modern Metal Garden Privacy Panel

For privacy our modern metal garden privacy panel is ideal. This one is with our Wisteria design in Cor-ten steel. It is made to our standard size of 1200mm wide x 1800mm high x 3mm in thickness....


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Contemporary Metal Privacy Panel

The contemporary metal privacy panel design of Crystal in powder coated aluminium is an interesting and one of the ideal garden privacy panels. It is made just beneath the planning permission...


Floral Garden Screening Panel

Our floral garden screening panel is ideal to shield a private part of the garden from other parts. The panel shown is our Wisteria design portraying this lovely garden-climbing shrub to provide...


Rose Flower - Metal Garden Panel

The Rose Flower design is one of our metal garden panels that will suit many gardens. The design is restricted to it's top with the lower part solid providing a good stable...


Allium Stainless Steel Garden Screen

All our stainless steel garden screens can be made in brushed or polished steel. Its posts can match or in other materials to provide each screen to be the highlighted focal point. As all our...

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Posts Aluminium

Our Aluminium posts are made 100 x 80 x 2360mm rectangular steel box units. We then cut the slots to take our panel tab system. For our screens and panels of a different size...


Posts - Exclusive Cor-Ten Steel

Cor-Ten box section is not available in the UK so we produce our own 100 x 80 x 2360mm posts to provide the same secure support system for our products. We cut the corresponding...


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