Our posts provide a secure system to support our products. Each post uses our unique Tenon slotting system so every design flows with minor interruption.

Our posts are made to our standard size of 100 x 80 x 2360mm. This allows sufficient length to be concreted into the ground to support our screens and panels that are 1780mm high.

For our screens and panels of a different size we manufacture the posts to correspond.

Post Manufacture

Our posts are like our screens and panels, made in Oxfordshire to the highest quality.

Our Cor-Ten posts are made to correspond with our ‘Tenon’ tabs of the screen before the entire post, including its top cap is welded together and polished by hand.

Our Aluminium posts are again finished and powder coated by hand so again everything is flawless.

Each post is then inspected and wrapped to ensure it does not rub against any adjacent screen or object for stability before it is dispatched.

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Posts Aluminium

Our Aluminium posts are made 100 x 80 x 2360mm rectangular steel box units. We then cut the slots to take our panel tab system. For our screens and panels of a different size...


Posts - Exclusive Cor-Ten Steel

Cor-Ten box section is not available in the UK so we produce our own 100 x 80 x 2360mm posts to provide the same secure support system for our products. We cut the corresponding...


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